Saint Lucian Writers and Writing

edited by John Robert Lee

ISBN: 9780995726314
2019, Paperback, £9.99
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This superb author index of poetry, prose and drama explores the writing landscape of Saint Lucia. Everyone — from the internationally acclaimed Derek Walcott to self-published unknowns — are there. But this bibliography is not just about literature, it also features the social, political and cultural dimensions of Saint Lucia, from scholarly essays to the ephemera of funeral pamphlets and recipe books. It turns a list into the life of a nation.

A magnificent act of scholarship that brings the rich and long history of Saint Lucian literature to life.

Professor Alison Donnell, University of East Anglia, UK

Here you can see everything — the things that didn’t last, the things that did, the things that should have but didn’t. Here is the heft of a fierce and devoted memory of all of our literature.

Vladimir Lucien, Caribbean Quarterly, September 2020 issue

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