Canouan Suite

Canouan Suite and Other Pieces is a gorgeous new book from Philip Nanton with art to complement the text. As Stewart Brown, co-editor of the Oxford Book of Caribbean Poetry, says: “Readers of Philip Nanton’s Island Voices [also published by Papillote Press] will be familiar with his storyteller’s ear but Canouan Suite and Other Pieces gives us a sense of Nanton as a more complex, serious and accomplished writer than perhaps we had realised.” It was published in November 2016 and launched in Barbados in December 2016 and in the UK in March 2017.

Canouan Suite received one of two honorable mentions in La Casa de las Américas Literary Award for Anglophone Caribbean Literature. The judges said:

It is a stunning collection of poems that establishes a conversation with visual artists of the Caribbean. The collection stands out for its stylistic and tonal diversity as well as its subject matter that ranges from the portentous to the banal. There is much to admire in this outstanding collection.

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