Papillote People’s Press

Papillote People’s Press (PPP) is a new initiative from Papillote Press. It is an attempt to give encouragement and support to those writers whose work does not perhaps fit the criteria of a traditional publisher. Our new service – for Dominica and, even, beyond – offers fair-minded and constructive encouragement, and, most important, the publication of a wider range of books. Our hope is that by applying Papillote Press’ knowledge and expertise to your unpublished manuscript, together we can bring your book to life.

The Papillote People’s Press (PPP) operates less like a traditional publisher (such as Papillote Press) and more like a book production/subsidy company. The publisher edits, designs, and is responsible for printing the book – all in close collaboration with the writer. The publisher delivers the finished book – be it poetry or prose, photographs or illustrations – to the author. It works to create a publication of the highest quality thus building on the established reputation of Papillote Press.

The writer pays the publisher a flat fee and the writer is then responsible for all marketing, sales and distribution of the book (unless otherwise agreed) and receives all income from the sales of the book. Copyright remains with the author.

Acceptance of a manuscript for publication by PPP is at the discretion of the publisher. The book will bear the Papillote Press imprint and will be featured on its website. Help on marketing and social media may be included in the package. Warehouse storage can also be arranged. An ebook is another option. All these opportunities are open for discussion.

One key advantage of joining the PPP over another subsidy or self-publishing company is that we specialise in Dominica – its history, geography and people – and have a track record in publishing high-quality and critically noted books. That’s a pretty cool combination. Let’s build on Dominica’s literary talent together.

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