Your Time Is Done Now

Resistance and Defeat: the Maroon Trials of Dominica, 1813-1814

edited by Polly Pattullo
ISBN: 9780957118775
2014, Paperback, £8.99
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Two hundred years ago, a set of trials – both legal and illegal – brought Dominica’s Maroon Wars to an end. In Your Time Is Done Now, the transcripts of those trials – from the National Archives in the UK – are published for the first time. They reveal the ruthless repression of the colonial power but also some rare insights into the daily relationships between the Maroons and the enslaved on the estates. The trials are explained and analysed in a fascinating introduction by lawyer Bernard Wiltshire.

Publication date is 2014 coincides with the 200th anniversary of the courts martial that signalled the defeat of the Maroons.

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