Home Again

Stories of migration and return

Celia Sorhaindo and Polly Pattullo (editors)
Publication date: August 2009
Paperback: 248 pages, black and white photographs
ISBN: 9780953222452
Price: £9.99
also an ebook
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What happens when people return to the land of their birth after decades away? The migrants’ journey is a well-told story but much less is known about those who return. Why do they go back? What is it like to be back home?

Home Again is a collection of contemporary real-life stories by men and women who have returned to Dominica. Their feelings and experiences, expressed in their own words, link the challenges of the past to both the positive aspects of return – a sense of belonging and well-being – and also to its difficulties – of rejection and frustration.

Compelling, moving and intensely personal, Home Again, compiled for the Dominica UK Asssociation, is a revealing insight into the lives of these pioneering migrants.

Home Again was featured on BBC Radio 4, while the Guardian’s Gary Younge wrote a long article based on the contributors’ stories for the newspaper’s Saturday magazine.

Frankness and insight.

– New West Indian Guide

It’s wonderful to be able to read these stories that sound and feel so very familiar. I really do believe these are stories that should be told, after all they are a crucial and important part of our history as African-Caribbeans in Europe.

– A. Akintola, Amazon

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