by Celia A Sorhaindo

ISBN: 9781999776879
2020, Paperback, £6.50
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On 18 September 2017, a category 5 hurricane, the worst in recorded history, hit the Caribbean island of Dominica. Hurricane Maria destroyed lives and land. Nothing would be the same again. Guabancex, the first published collection of poems by Celia A Sorhaindo, explores the complex mix of experiences and emotions, both during and after the event.

A new voice that speaks with sensitivity, maturity and assurance out of a horrendous experience. The final poem Hurricane PraXis (Xorcising Maria Xperience) is a tour de force.

John Robert Lee

Such frank witnessing… she skilfully captures the extreme terror and everyday urge to carry on.

Malika Booker

The blurring of the lines between realism and mythology elevate it… deeply personal, uncensored, and accessible to the very people she writes about.

Joanne Hillhouse

What stands out most for me is the way the poet both calls in and questions religious faith in the face of carnage.

— Mat Riches, Sphinx, poetry pamphlet reviews and features

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