Abraham’s Treasure

Joanne Skerrett
Publication date: November 2011
Paperback: 170 pages
ISBN: 9780953222483
Price: £6.99
also an ebook
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Abraham’s Treasure was nominated for the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature in 2014.

Dominican-born Joanne Skerrett has written a terrific adventure story for young people set in Dominica. Teenage twins James and Jerome discover that treasure, buried during the days of slavery, is their rightful inheritance. As the boys de-code the clues that will lead to the treasure, they have some strange encounters: there’s a helpful parrot, a ghostly figure from the past and a legless man who can walk; they escape from a falling tower and discover a boiling lake. And, of course, there’s also an evil stranger who confronts them in an exciting climax.

Abraham’s Treasure mixes a classical hunt-the-treasure plot with a hint of magical realism to give a real page-turning quality. The twins are typical teenagers who have some very untypical experiences as they desperately strive to reach the treasure – whatever that may be – before their adversary.

Great for boys but girls, too, will identify with the twins and also with Petra, an annoying neighbour who is just as smart as they are. And the wild landscape of Dominica makes it a perfect location for a spot of treasure-hunting.


A moving coming of age story packed with tropical adventure

Ros Asquith

As in any good adventure story, there is in Abraham’s Treasure intrigue, there are twists and turns, there is dramatic irony. There are lessons also – of the nature of determination, of man’s inhumanity to man, of greed, of justice, of being able to let go of one’s dreams once daunting reality sets in. Though, we are told, in the words of Mr Brown, when in the final pages he is asked how the boys should get the treasure if it is indeed theirs: ‘I don’t know. We will have to see what they do next’ – no doubt, leaving the gate wide open for a serial publication, as fans of Abraham’s Treasure would be pleased to hear. The action and lessons of Abraham’s Treasure should inspire the imagination of boys in particular – and that is surely a very good thing for all of our Caribbean youth, their parents and teachers.

Nahdjla Carasco-Bailey in Caribbean Book Blog

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