Home Home

Lisa Allen-Agostini
Publication date: May 31 2018
ISBN: 9781999776831
Price: £6.99

Set in Canada with a Trinidadian backdrop, ‘Home Home’ explores mental illness as any other kind of illness and the LGBT family as an other kind of family.

‘Home Home” was the third-prize winner in the Burt Prize for Caribbean Young Adult Caribbean Literature in 2017.

What happens:
When a depressed Trinidadian teenager is sent by her mother to Canada to live with her lesbian aunt, she feels lonely and in exile. But with the help of her aunt, a gorgeous-looking boy, and her Skyping best friend ‘back home’, she begins to accept her new family and her illness. Then her mother arrives and threatens to take her back to Trinidad. Where then is home?

I loved this book. It vividly creates a world of depression and lost opportunity but also of hope and unconditional love.

Patrice Lawrence, author of “Orangeboy”